Identifying An Equestrian – Are You Guilty?

Can you Identify an Equestrian – Are you guilty of any of these?

1. Hay in hair – Yes, in their hair, on the back of their jumper/coat and in fact, all over them.

3. Horse Slobber – A strange green/brown slobber stain on their jumper?

4. The obvious, crossing paths with someone and smelling that familiar sweet scent of Horse S**t

5. One glove – Seriously, where is the other one?

6. The “I may never walk again” stance. We all know how that feels!

7. Muddy-Footprints , Following someone around the supermarket wearing their filthy yard boots.

8. Fashionable socks – Wearing jodhpurs boots with some knee high coloured socks or socks poking out the top of the boots.

9. Are those breeches?

10. A Hoof Pick poking out the handbag? – An Equestrians secret weapon!!

Own up, are you guilty?

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