Eventing Essentials – Check List

The event season is just a DAYS away (Eek! We’re so excited!)

But have you got everything sorted? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking “I’m sure I’m missing something?”
Well to save you having to ‘borrow’ off your lorry neighbour, here is our

‘Eventing Essentials’ check list:

Firstly, make sure you’re arm band medical card is up to date and that your body protector and hat(s) are all up to the correct standard! Another big thing to make sure is that your horse (passport) is up to date with flu vaccinations etc.

We’re starting with our favourite – A Neck strap! (Breastplate /Martingale, or even just a stirrup leather)

A Lunge Line – Handy for a few things, you might need this for a warm up, in between classes or even to help load at the end of the day.

All of your (if you’re lucky enough to have them) saddles – and of course the girths to go with them.
Dressage and jumping/stud girth.
Your saddle cloths. Make sure you have your white saddle pad for your dressage
Bridles and bits. “I must not forget my Dressage bit!”
Spare set of stirrup leathers and reins – You just never know!
Jumping/cross-country boots
Tack cleaning kit.

Stud Kit including:
Magnetic dish
Cotton wool
Nail/plug removing tool

Rider Wear
Dressage & Jumping breeches
Stock shirt
Stock and stock pin – Yes, we always loose them. (Well, we do! Is it only us?) This is why ‘Pop-up shops’ are a live saver! Yes, you have so many already but who can never have enough spares, right!?
Dressage & Jumping/Cross-country Hat(s)

Dressage/jumping jacket
Body protector
Schooling whip
Jumping whip
Number bib
Medical Armband
Cross-country colours

Grooming Kit
Grooming Brushes (Dandy, body, face)

Curry comb
Mane comb
Plaiting bands/needle and thread
Mane/Tail brush
Trimming clippers
Baby oil
Fly spray
Hoof pick
Hoof oil
Event grease (if necessary)
Hole punch

Other ‘bits’
Travel Boots/Bandages
Horse passport
Tail Bandage
Horse water
A bucket of feed – Always handy! “Loose horse”, or struggling to load!?
Head collar
Travel Rug
Water buckets (for drinking and washing)
Poop scoop and fork
Sponges and sweat scraper
Steps to stand on
Human and equine first aid kit
& maybe some spare pants for Mum!?


The most import thing to remember, is to have fun, stay safe and enjoy yourself !!

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