5 ways to wear The Jack Murphy Blair Jersey Dress…

 Hello everyone, I’m Gem Gilbert (@gemeventing)  one of Muddy-Footprints sponsored riders and I will be attending Badminton Horse Trials for the whole week so if you’re not going and want to keep up on the action keep an eye on my account over the week. I have written a guest blog how to wear the gorgeous Blair Jersey dress by Jack Murphy whilst at Badminton. 

5 ways to wear Jack Murphy Blair Jersey Dress at Badminton Horse Trials. 

The Blair Jersey dress by Jack Murphy (available at Muddy-Footprints) is a gorgeous stripped dress with two zip pockets perfect for car keys and mobile. The zip on the back of the dress allows you to put the dress on with ease.

The length of the dress is lovely as it’s knee length not to short making you constantly worrying and feeling uncomfortable. Along with the length of the sleeves is a nice length to the elbow even when it’s warmer you still stay cool as the dress is lovely and thin. 

The first outfit I’ve chosen is
one more suited for when the weather is lovely but with a hint of wind,
perfect PIMMS by the lake outfit.
Keeping things blue both with the House of Tweed Navy Bag and Orca Bay navy loafer,
with the Gilet to add a little warmth too. 

My second style is with a Joules wax jacket which goes beautifully with Mackenzie and George’s red fedora. Finished off with Orca Bay Creek deck shoe and House of tweed navy bag.  Perfect for Cross Country day and dressage if chilly. 

My third style is more for the wetter weather, Joules wax jacket to keep the rain out and Fairfax and Favor Explorers to keep your toes dry. Topped off with Jack Murphy Walker shoulder bag. Perfect fashionable waterproof look. Idea for walking round the 5* Cross country keeping up with the action. As well as popping into the shopping village. 

My fourth outfit is more for all day. As of Wednesday, Badminton have a live band and bar down by the lakeside to enjoy the evening. This outfit is perfect for this, a gorgeous bespoke bag from JJR Bespoke, a pair of Fairfax and Favor Explorers to top the look off, perfect for walking back to the camp site in. A jacket if needed, but once you get dancing you will be lovely and warm. Another good look for watching the dressage and mixing it up with some shopping.

My last style is a simple one perfect for those sunny days walking round the shopping village or watching the show jumping. The smart Orca Bay Creek deck shoes with the Jack Murphy walker shoulder bag perfect for the last day buys and drinking PIMMS in the grandstand or watching the big screen. 


You can never go wrong with Hiho Silver jewellery, I have put a lovely collection of stunning pieces together, ranging from a lovely Willberry Wonderful Pony bracelet to the classic Cherry Roller bracelet. I have also matched it up with a gorgeous Morris Richardson watch in silver with the Milanese Mesh strap.

Myself Gem Gilbert will be taking my Blair Jersey dress so keep an eye out on Muddy-Footprints Instagram and mine to see how I wear it. 
https://www.instagram.com/gemeventing & https://www.instagram.com/muddyfootprintscountryclothing

Introducing Country Frantics…

Firstly, I would just like to say how excited and privileged I feel to have been chosen to be a Brand Ambassador for Muddy-Footprints and have the opportunity to write this guest blog post to meet all you guys that have muddy footprints daily whether that is walking your dogs, seeing to your equines or you just generally love getting muddy on country walks!

I am Francesca, a 24 year old Equestrian & Lifestyle blogger and I am from the East Of England. I own two beautiful standardbred horses.. Buddy, a 16 year old 15.2hh bay gelding and Adie a 4 year old 14hh skewbald gelding. I have owned Buddy now for two and half years and he was my first horse. He taught me everything I needed to know in regards to owning my own horse and he has got me through some pretty tough times in my life to say the least! I didn’t think I would ever want to own another horse as Buddy is a once in a lifetime horse and I am so lucky to own him.. Until I saw Adie advertised on the RSPCA website and had to invite him to the equine family! Adie was neglected and left for dead, minutes away from the end when a dog walker found him and against all odds Adie managed to fight for his life and make it through and I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of such a lovely pony now. I have had Adie around 2-3 months now and our bond is growing daily and I hope to have him backed after Christmas – I see a bright future for us!

Although I do not compete my horses I like to keep them well groomed and in shape. I ride Buddy for fun, mainly hacking and some schooling. He would rather just eat and be groomed all day.. He is a very affectionate horse that doesn’t really thrive off of exercise, but thrives off of cuddles and human attention.. But he is beautiful and that is why he is used for equine photography! We have done a couple of photoshoot’s for different companies and events now which is really exciting! Adie made his debut in equestrian modelling for Muddy-Footprints new Rugby shirt and he took it in his stride so I am sure you will be seeing lots of my boys over the Muddy-Footprints website and social media pages.
The two equines aren’t the only animals in my family.. I have an 8 year old Toy Poodle called Bella and a 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer called Juniper. Although Juniper lives with my dad she is very much involved with my country lifestyle and spends a lot of her time down the yard eating horse poop and chasing them around the fields which is always entertaining! We hope to get Juniper gundog trained and take her beating this season some time!

So you are all probably wondering why I chose Muddy-Footprints (or they chose me) – First of all, I love the logo and branding, it’s so creative and hits every market within the country sector. I also love the fact that Yasmin had her dreams and grabbed them with both hands and made them reality! It reminds me of when I started my blog.. I have never looked back! I love the fact that there is something for everyone in regards to clothing, accessories or homeware and the prices vary! They have some more premium brands such as noble outfitters (Which is my favourite) and they also stock their own designed products and do embroidery for their sponsors and ambassadors which is a really lovely touch to get the brand known! I am super excited to be working with Muddy-Footprints and can’t wait to see the company blossom! I love supporting local companies and what better one than Muddy-Footprints! As I attend many country and equestrian events I cannot wait to sport my Muddy-Footprints attire and show it off! Hopefully I can meet some of you guys at some of the up-coming events over at the Muddy-Footprints stall which is super exciting! As I live the country lifestyle to the full I can trial out and review lots of the Muddy- Footprints items in and out of the saddle over on my blog for you guys to see and read about before making your Muddy-Footprints purchases!

Head over to my Instagram (FrancescaSimes) or blog www.CountryFrantics.com to get 20% off at Muddy-Footprints with my own unique discount code! I cannot wait to see everyone wearing their Muddy-Footprints clothing and be sure to hashtag when you upload to Instagram to be featured on the Muddy-Footprints social media!

Autumn is HERE – Horsey & you know it!

Autumn – Its HERE! & when owning a horse, here are the signs you just can’t miss…

  • The weather comes on TV – ‘Everyone SHHH!’
    listening out for whatever is happening to our days? For goodness sake, will it just make up its mind? Is he staying out or coming in, to rug or not to rug?
  • You spend half your time worrying whether your horse is too cold without a rug, and the other half worrying that he’s too hot now you’ve put it on. But what do you do!?
  • Clipping – When do you start? What will you do? Remember to dress properly otherwise you’ll be itching in that jacket for the next month.
  • You find yourself browsing country boots/mucking out boots/funky wellies on your favourite websites. Well, your old ones are knackered. Oh and look at them cool Faux Fur boot cuffs! Hmmm, maybe you need a new coat? WOW – Waterproof breeches!? Defiantly NEED these!
  • Woohoo, the flies are going – Adios amigos!!!
  • Of course It rains for days non-stop so you panic, buy loads more rugs and the sun makes another appearance – Great! Well at least you’re prepared!
  • Once you’ve started you consider buying one of those silly (but actually quite cool) Snuggy Hoods pony onesie/jams. After all, they do keep them cosy & warm!
  • The rubber stable mats are back out – They’re SO clean! Don’t even think about the state they’ll be in, keep calm and carry on!
  • You’re sad its the end of the competition season. Oh well, at least the hunting season is about to start. Talking of which… So is the shooting season & that means pheasants bursting out out hedges every-blooming-where!

OH, and it’s time to decide (AGAIN) whether hosing his legs off is more likely to cause Mud-Fever than letting them dry and brush off? And as for you, you deserve a nice warm, relaxing bath once you’re in from the cold, wet yard. Look out for that floating bit of hay, and ‘Eww, what’s that’!?

Poplar Park BE90 – British Eventing (10.03.2018)

Muddy-Footprints goes to Poplar Park.

This video shows the BE90 course on 10th March, 2018.

To view the event results please click on the link below:

British Eventing BE90 Poplar Park Results

Featuring the Muddy-Footprints Bobble Hat at £12.99
(Available in Grey, Beige, Burgundy, Mink and Navy)


& The Beautiful Green Dog Jumpers at ONLY £12.99
In sizes Small – X Large


Eventing Essentials – Check List

The event season is just a DAYS away (Eek! We’re so excited!)

But have you got everything sorted? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking “I’m sure I’m missing something?”
Well to save you having to ‘borrow’ off your lorry neighbour, here is our

‘Eventing Essentials’ check list:

Firstly, make sure you’re arm band medical card is up to date and that your body protector and hat(s) are all up to the correct standard! Another big thing to make sure is that your horse (passport) is up to date with flu vaccinations etc.

We’re starting with our favourite – A Neck strap! (Breastplate /Martingale, or even just a stirrup leather)

A Lunge Line – Handy for a few things, you might need this for a warm up, in between classes or even to help load at the end of the day.

All of your (if you’re lucky enough to have them) saddles – and of course the girths to go with them.
Dressage and jumping/stud girth.
Your saddle cloths. Make sure you have your white saddle pad for your dressage
Bridles and bits. “I must not forget my Dressage bit!”
Spare set of stirrup leathers and reins – You just never know!
Jumping/cross-country boots
Tack cleaning kit.

Stud Kit including:
Magnetic dish
Cotton wool
Nail/plug removing tool

Rider Wear
Dressage & Jumping breeches
Stock shirt
Stock and stock pin – Yes, we always loose them. (Well, we do! Is it only us?) This is why ‘Pop-up shops’ are a live saver! Yes, you have so many already but who can never have enough spares, right!?
Dressage & Jumping/Cross-country Hat(s)

Dressage/jumping jacket
Body protector
Schooling whip
Jumping whip
Number bib
Medical Armband
Cross-country colours

Grooming Kit
Grooming Brushes (Dandy, body, face)

Curry comb
Mane comb
Plaiting bands/needle and thread
Mane/Tail brush
Trimming clippers
Baby oil
Fly spray
Hoof pick
Hoof oil
Event grease (if necessary)
Hole punch

Other ‘bits’
Travel Boots/Bandages
Horse passport
Tail Bandage
Horse water
A bucket of feed – Always handy! “Loose horse”, or struggling to load!?
Head collar
Travel Rug
Water buckets (for drinking and washing)
Poop scoop and fork
Sponges and sweat scraper
Steps to stand on
Human and equine first aid kit
& maybe some spare pants for Mum!?


The most import thing to remember, is to have fun, stay safe and enjoy yourself !!

Identifying An Equestrian – Are You Guilty?

Can you Identify an Equestrian – Are you guilty of any of these?

1. Hay in hair – Yes, in their hair, on the back of their jumper/coat and in fact, all over them.

3. Horse Slobber – A strange green/brown slobber stain on their jumper?

4. The obvious, crossing paths with someone and smelling that familiar sweet scent of Horse S**t

5. One glove – Seriously, where is the other one?

6. The “I may never walk again” stance. We all know how that feels!

7. Muddy-Footprints , Following someone around the supermarket wearing their filthy yard boots.

8. Fashionable socks – Wearing jodhpurs boots with some knee high coloured socks or socks poking out the top of the boots.

9. Are those breeches?

10. A Hoof Pick poking out the handbag? – An Equestrians secret weapon!!

Own up, are you guilty?

Sponsorship – Advice / Opinions ?

We’re not sure if we’ve got this wrong here, but we’re after some advice/opinions!

Sponsorship, It shouldn’t just be about the FREE things’!? OR are we just being tight? Yes, the FREE items are great, and an amazing incentive to the sponsored riders! But it should be a 2-way thing? Wouldn’t being a selected company rider would be an honer alone?
Being a small and new business we simply don’t have the budget to give away FREE things all of the time.

Muddy-Footprints have a number of different types of riders,
from young, local level riders – riding because they love it! To top level, European riders, riding for their country & career. Therefore, we understand all riders needs are different and each sponsor is treated personally.

There are so many people out there looking for sponsorship, so if you’re lucky enough to be selected, please don’t forget that!
When sponsors are selected, we don’t expect much, It isn’t all about the competition results – although this is obviously a bonus! But it isn’t about winning week in, week out. Communicating with us is the best thing! Social Media updates (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) Word of mouth recommendations and even product or social media reviews. Our sponsors are a very import part of our team and we value each and every one! Working with the right riders is essential for sponsorship & relationship success.

If one of our sponsors has other sponsor/s we completely understand the need to promote both/all of their sponsors! – This goes without saying! However, another thing we don’t particularly understand is when sponsors advertise rival companies? We’ve spotted this too many times on Social Media. To us, being a sponsor should mean giving
everything you can to make a difference to that particular business.

If you’re looking for sponsorship don’t just sell the success, don’t promise red rosettes and competing at a high level. Sell the journey! The fact you have a good social media following or very active on Social Media? The fact people will follow you through the highs and the lows! A great read and something to learn from – https://ridingwithcharlotte.wordpress.com/ ‘ We All Fall Down’ by Charlotte Gomez. Make yourself stand out! Remember, companies receive sponsorship requests on a daily basis! (Even if they’re not looking!)

We thought sponsorship would be an amazing opportunity for both Muddy-Footprints, as a business, and young riders that are passionate about their hobby and career! We’re trying to promote our sponsors and help them as much as possible, while they promote us in return as a small and new business.

We’re absolutely loving our ‘Sponsorship journey’ and the relationship with our new sponsors! However, we wanted to know if you think we’re getting it right? Are we thinking the right way, should we be giving more? What are your thoughts and opinions?

Muddy-Footprints x

Introducing the Muddy-Footprints Sponsored Riders….

It’s 2018 and what a time to announce our Sponsored Riders! We were absolutely overwhelmed with the response to our advert! (We received over 700 sponsorship applications!) It was such a hard decision, but we managed to narrow it down and choose our 18 Muddy-Footprints Riders! We are very much looking forward to working with each and every rider this year.

Make sure you look out for our logo on their clothing/saddle cloths (& even on lorries) while out and about at Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing.

Firstly, we want to thank all of our sponsors for an amazing end to 2017! We are so pleased to have you on board & cannot wait to meet you all!

So, here’s what you are waiting for….


Jessica Coombes
My name is Jessica Coombes and I’m a young Event rider based in Dorset with my two horses Clouded Leopard aka Oliver and Blazie Boy aka Bambi. My horses are my world and eventing is my dream. I have such a passion for the sport and I’m excited to move up the grades with my horses! Clouded leopard who is a 16.2h Irish sport horse has had experience at 3* level and Blazie Boy who is also a Irish sport horse but he’s 17h has had experience at 2* level so I have some exciting times ahead and have already competed up to 1* with both! I do also have a project horse called Grey Shake aka Mickey, a 15.2h Connemara x on the yard. He currently competes at BE90 level, I’m looking forward to competing him and having lots of fun! I see my horses as my best friends. They all have different personalities and cheeky things they do to make me laugh each day. Oliver and Bambi are like two peas in a pod. They are actually like a mirror image of each other! Both big bays with one white hind foot! I’m hardworking, dedicated and definitely ambitious! Eventing isn’t just a hobby for me it’s a lifestyle! I’m so excited to be part of the Muddy-Footprints team, bring on 2018!

Ameilia Ward
I am a 19 year old young rider on my gap year. I have a small string of 4 horses (currently) who I mainly do dressage and Eventing on. My smallest (and oldest at 23) is my first pony who I still compete unaffiliated doing and winning a bit of everything. My dressage pony is 14.2 ex FEI event pony. She is partially sighted in her left eye which makes her very spooky, however we still managed to compete BD up to elementary and unaffiliated up to medium. We are almost ready to have a go at our first advanced medium she just finds the flying changes a bit too exciting! Lara my grey mare is my event horse, we have competed up to CCI* being selected for the south east team for the CCIJ* at Weston park in 2015. This was only my first season with Lara and my second season ever so we were very proud to complete. And Lastly I have JJ my unbroken 3yo who I will break in and bring on over the next year. I also run a livery yard with my mum and take on schooling liveries alongside some freelance riding. Alongside all my riding, me and my family have a very country lifestyle with our two dogs meaning between we can try and test all of Muddy-Footprints fabulous products!

Libby Alvis
My name is Libby Alvis, I’m 13 years old and Event in the South West! I have a 16hh Irish sports horse called fly,who I have recently got, we are aiming for BE90 next season and to compete 90cm with the NSEA. I am so pleased to be sponsored by Muddy-Footprints as it opens up a wide range of opportunities! If you would like to see my journey with fly then follow my Instagram @_LA_eventing and see what my Muddy-Footprints products get up too!

Charlotte Hordle
I’m Charlotte a 28 year old amateur eventer. I live in the new forest with my long suffering husband who has learnt that he comes way below the horses and the dog in the pecking order! I have one horse who I event and another semi retired. JKs Topgun has qualified for the Badminton Cup next year at BE100 level which we are super excited about! We have been been competing up to Novice level which we will continue with after badminton with the hope of completing a couple of CIC1*s by the end of the 2018 season! I keep Ollie at home with my parents which has direct hacking into the forest however I have no other training facilities at home which can prove tricky for event prep! Sometimes Ollie does nothing but hack between events which makes our achievements all the more impressive! I can’t wait to have Muddy-Footprints supporting me for the 2018 season, fingers crossed we get some great results!

Sophie James
My name is Sophie and I was 6 years old in September. I live in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and go to All Saints Primary School in Suffolk. I have been riding since I was 2 years old and my first pony was a little palomino Shetland called Peanuts. My parents bought Harribo for me in March this year as I love jumping and he is a jumping pony. He is liver chestnut and 11 years old. At 12.3hh he is too big for me at the moment and he can jump the jumps quite big even when they are small, so I have to be careful that he doesn’t jump me out of the saddle. We tend to do the smaller classes at shows, anything up to 50cm but nothing bigger. This winter I am trying to go to shows most weekends on Harribo so that I learn to ride him properly and practise remembering the courses on my own. There are also some pony club rallies coming up over the winter with the Suffolk Hunt Pony Club that I have been a member of for the last 3 years. I am also a member of the NSEA and competed for Lawshall School coming 5th last September and qualifying for the grassroots regional championships next year. On my old pony I did a lot of x country and a couple of One Day Events. I haven’t done this on Harribo yet but now that I am starting to ride him all the time I am hoping to do a lot more of this next Summer. I have been very spoilt on Harribo already as the last two shows we have been to he has won his class. He can be a little grumpy but I do love him very much and can’t wait to grow into him properly.

Alice Williams
I’m Alice Williams, I’m a 19 years old from North Wales and I compete my 9 year old 16.3 Belgian Wwrmblood gelding Joey in British Showjumping. So far we have competed up to 1 metre but we are working up the ropes and hope to continue to progress up the heights, in the ring Joey really knows his job and puts his competition head on, whereas at home, he is a complete dope on a rope and can even be ridden tackless! I am very excited for this amazing horse’s future and even more so now that we can represent such a wonderful company!

Grace Durkan
I am a 19 year old event rider based on a small farm in West Sussex. I compete on behalf of some amazing owners and enjoy producing young horses up through the levels.
I am currently riding at BE intermediate level (on a self produced horse) with which I am aiming for 2* on next season. This horse has previously been selected twice to compete on the Junior 1* squad at the U18 championships, where we went clear on both occasions around the cross country. I started up my business, Durkan Eventing Limited, at 15 years old and my future ambitions are to be competing at top level in Eventing, whilst continuing to break in and produce young horses. I am very much looking forward to working with Muddy-Footprints as I believe it is an exciting new company offering a diverse, yet affordable range of products!

Louise Clark
My name is Louise, I am a 27yo event rider from Kelso in the Scottish Borders. I am lucky enough to have a lovely yard on our family yard and have great facilities where I am able to run my business from which is taking horses in for schooling, educating and competing as well as compete and train my mums and my own horses. I currently have 4 horses that I am competing, my main horse is Boo Diddley, she is our homebred 8yo. I have produced her myself, this season we completed Badminton Mitsubishi Motors Cup BE90 finishing on our Dressage Score for 17th Place, the Scottish Championships at BE100 level where we finished 7th and finished the season completing our 1st Novice Event. Next season she has qualified for Badminton again but this time for the BE100 and we will hopefully get a few novices in too. Bumble is our other homebred, he is a half-brother to Boo, we have taken it very slowly with him as he is a large 5yo TB who is still growing into his body, we are starting to ask him some more questions and hopefully will have him out eventing next season and quickly stepping up the grades, but only when he is ready. He has had a few outings and this will increase over the next month. He’s done some dressage, showing, Show Jumping, Hunter Trails and has had his 1st day hunting this week where he was very good. Coco is my all-rounder but can be a bit of a madam. She has won Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Working Hunters, Riding Horse, Side Saddle, Team Chase’s and Hunt races and also loves her hunting, she really does do everything as long as she is in the right mood. She attended the Riding Club Novice Winter Championships for Dressage and Show Jumping last year and has qualified for the Dressage Championships again this year. I am hoping that we will get her out to a bit more eventing next season as she has great ability but sometimes doesn’t want to go cross country. There is always plenty of other things that she can do. Daisy is a lovely mare who after being backed went into training, she sometimes struggles with keeping everything settled and calm, but when she is she is lovely, she has a great jump in her and moves nicely, I am working on her currently to get her settled in and out of the ring and if we can crack that then we will be out eventing next season and I can see her stepping up the levels successfully. I want to thank Muddy-Footprints very much for this opportunity and support and I hope I can do them proud, I’m really looking forward to getting out and about with their numnah and to get recommending them.

Sophie Coles
My name is Sophie Coles, I am a 17 year old British Riding Club events rider from the East Midlands. I have had the pleasure of owning my 15.2hh Irish Draft x Cob – Charlie, now for 22 months who I compete on regularly. At first I didn’t plan on competing Charlie when he arrived over from Ireland as he turned out to be an unexpected project, however with lots of work and love, he has really shown a love for his work. We compete in all disciplines such as showjumping, cross country, hunter trials, dressage and even the odd bit of showing which ranges from local shows up to qualifiers and championships. We look forward to competing in 2018 and sharing with you this years journey which you can also keep track of over on my Instagram where we post daily uploads on things we get up to – @Justmycob. We hope to successfully achieve as much as we did in 2017 with the help and support alongside of Muddy-Footprints.

Stacey Campbell
I am Stacey, a 31 year amateur dressage rider, as well as working as a Development Manager for a large international coffee company. I started riding as a 2 year old, on my grandfather’s 17hh hunters, and that is when it all started! I bounced around on ponies through pony club, moved to eventing & then focused on dressage and was lucky enough to ride for UK U21s & BDYRS. Then moving to my latest steed, Zafiro LXXIII he is an 11 year old PRE Gelding. We have been together for 7 years, we rebroke him as 4 year old after a troubled start & he is now competing at BD Medium, moving towards advanced medium next year! Most recently crowned Elementary Open & Medium Restricted Champion with IDG Dressage Group, and won the IDG Elementary league & 2nd in the Medium. Other accolades to his name are the Champion Gelding at RWHS in 2013 & 2014. GBPRE Champion Gelding 2012, 2013 and reserve Champion in 2014. Qualification for BD breed championships & area festivals. We have had a long journey, but he is worth it! My beautiful 🦄 unicorn, dancing like a warm blood in disguise!

Italia Jackson
Hi, my name is Italia Jackson, I am 14 years old and I am a member of the Pony Club. I compete in both affiliated and unaffiliated showjumping with my pony Finn, who absolutely loves to jump. I have owned Finn for almost 2 years and he is the pony of a lifetime. Finn is a 7yr old Irish sports pony who always puts his heart and soul into everything. I have big hopes for 2018 and I am so happy to have been given this amazing opportunity.

Rhyleigh Kendle
I have 3 showjumping ponies one 138 & two 148s. I got my 138 spike for my 13th birthday , this was a big step for me as I had only been riding a riding school pony for a year beforehand so to go from a riding school pony to a top Grand Prix Pony was a pretty crazy thing to do but it was probably the best decision me and my family made as spike has completely changed our lives, he has taught me the world! It was a rough road with spike at the beginning because he’s not an easy ride but summer 2016 was when we clicked. From then on we competed in HOYS qualifiers where we just missed out and also competed in HICKSTEAD qualifiers where we missed out by one, coming first reserve. Summer 2017 me and spike qualified for Liverpool International for the 138 final in the end of December which is where the top 22 riders in the country compete against each other. Easter 2017 I got midnight my first 148, we have competed in newcomers,Fox,Members and Pony showjumper of the year which is 1m35/40 I would love to do European shows with mid! We then decided it would be nice to get a youngster so we bought stag , he has had a bad past so we are currently bringing him on nicely to get his confidence back and hope to produce him. I work so hard to keep my ponies up to scratch and without the help and support of my family, friends & sponsors it wouldn’t be possible.

Greta Spence
I am a 15 year old Dressage rider based in Surrey. I am riding/competing Rupert(Biagotte) and Magic(Majestas). Rupert(Biagotte) a 17.1hh Kwpn – Magic(Majestas) a 16hh ex racehorse – Star(whw Morning Star) 13.2hh rescue pony – Yogi (Starbuck yogi bear) 15hh Arab x welsh cob. I am competing Magic up to Elementary, I am aiming to produce him up to Medium. Rupert has only been with me for a few months so I am hoping to start competing him in February. I am aiming to produce him up to PSG.

Hollie Hodges
My names Hollie and I’m a 14 y/o Eventer from the South East. I compete my 14.2 pony Smartie currently at BE90 – which we have qualified to compete at Badminton Grassroots 2018 but after this event I hope to move up to 100 towards the end of the season. Over this winter we have been arena eventing and showjumping NSEA which has been just as successful but I’m extremely excited to get back out eventing in 2018!

Steve Garrod
Steve is full time farrier based in Leicestershire, who alongside running this business, also produces a team of event horses. Over the last 10 years he has produced two horses from just backed, cheeky youngsters through to Advanced level. Working with his partner Teresa, they have also produced horses which have gone on to be integral members of other people’s strings including Whitney B, Investment, A Little Bit Bendy, Nigrasine Rain and Iceman. Whilst a long haul project, his passion lies with producing his horses from scratch, so sources 3 or 4 year old’s which are selected on their movement and jumping ability. The highlight of his Eventing career so far was to achieve the lifelong dream of representing his county, and proudly wore the Union flag representing Team GB at last year’s 2* European Championship – bringing home a converted team silver medal! Steve and his team of horses relocated recently to be based at the fabulous facility Stonehouse Farm in Packington, Leicestershire boasting an indoor school, jumping arena, 20mx60m dressage arena, miles of off road hacking and xc schooling fences. With new goals set, including riding for owners for the first time, 3* runs and an eye on returning to the Burghley Young Event Horses finals, 2018 looks set to be an exciting year.

Jasmine Gill
My name is Jasmine Gill and I’m 20years old. I currently have two of my own horses which I compete British showjumping with along side a few others that I compete for other people. Roundthorn Firebrand (Boris) is a 7yr old ish who we only backed last year as he was so naughty 😉 he’s an exciting horse for me as he’s proving to be super talented in the ring. He has qualified for the bluechip finals in April and has all his British novice and discovery double clears for second rounds this year. He has just stepped up to jumping newcomers level. Haitie vant klavertje vier (Heti) is a 10yo Belgian warmblood who I’ve had for 4 years now. In that time she has taken me from jumping 90cm to 1.30m level and has won me so much. Shes won at bluechip championships , mill street in Ireland , and also helped me to win a very fast Welsh masters final. Heti is now just coming back into full work after a break and will be getting out to some bluechip qualifiers in hope that she also qualifies for the finals in April. Boris will continue getting to shows and jumping at newcomers level and will be aiming to do well in the second rounds which qualifies you for the nationals.

Jazz Roach
I am a 19 year old 2* event rider, I currently have a 10 year old mare who I have produced through the levels from a 6 year old along with her I have a 4 year old who will start his eventing career this season and a 3 year old Home bred who will begin his backing and training this year! After a very successful 2017 season including finishing 6th in the 1* at Great Witchingham earlier on in the year, many placing at intermediate level and coming 6th at eland lodge in the novice regional final meaning that I had qualified for the festival of British evening championships at both novice and intermediate, competing there for the first time which was a great experience and completing our first 2* also qualifying for the British dressage winter regionals at novice and elementary! We are very excited to see what this year brings with lots of aims and goals in reach of being achieved I am very thankful to have Muddy-Footprints 👣 to support us this season and I am very excited to work with them!

Ryan Page
I’m 22 from Derbyshire. I started off with show ponies and trying out all different disciplines and showjumping was the way forward for me! I’m currently producing horses from just broken 3/4yos up to 1.45 level. The aim is produce horses the best I can and to the highest level I can. I am very much looking forward to working with Muddy-Footprints and seeing what the future brings.

Best Sellers This Month – December

Of course this month has been one of the busiest months of the year, December, Christmas! You’ve really shown us your favourite items. Whether they’re gifts for a friend, a loved one, or even a gift to yourselves!

Firstly, thank-you to every one of you who purchased your Christmas gifts from us. We’re a small business and really appreciate your custom!
Here are our top sellers this month:

1. At number one, the best seller of all – The Hat & Scarf Gift Set, at ONLY £22.99  What an amazing gift! A high quality ribbed beanie hat (with detachable faux
fur pom pom) and matching pompom scarf. Soft, warm ribbed hat with
generous turn up. Material: 95% Acrylic 5% Polyester. Faux Fur Pom pom
simply attaches with a press stud (on hat) to give you 2 looks from 1 hat.
Scarf measures 165 cm x 20 cm.


2. Number 2 was the Caldene Westfield Neoprene Wellingtons (Brown) at £70.00
These wellies are ideal to keep your feet warm and dry during those cold winter months. This unisex neoprene Wellington boot has a 3mm neoprene lining for the ultimate comfort no matter how many hours you spend stood in a muddy field. The textured, embossed matte finish will add a sense of style to your winter outfit. A steel shank ensures many years of support.


3. Our third best seller was the beautiful Tiffany Cowl Neck Sweater – Jack Murphy in Yellow Spice at £69.99.

 This Sweater is unique in design; with both a cable knit style texture paired with a classic cowl neck. It is sure to keep you both cosy and fashionable this Autumn/Winter. Soft to the touch and made to fit flawlessly, we are sure it’ll become a winter wardrobe favourite. This beautiful sweat is also available in Navy. Please see link: https://www.muddy-footprints.co.uk/product/tiffany-cowl-neck-sweater-jack-murphy-navy/


4.  As seen in Horse & Hound – The Harry Hall, Halsham Womens Water Resistant Jodhpurs (Navy) at £42.00.
These Halsham jodhpurs have been super popular! Made from a stretch fabric finished with Scholler Nano Sphere¨ technology. A fabric finish which has a high level of self cleaning, oil and water repellence as well as high abrasion resistance and wash permanence. Featuring a wide waistband for added comfort and zip front with hook and bar fastening.


5. At five were the comfiest shoes going! The Orca Bay Creek – Ladies Deck Shoes (Saddle) At £72.00.
These authentic deck shoes are one our best-selling women’s leather Deck Shoe, hand stitched in the traditional method for supreme comfort and durability, with rustproof eyelets. This authentic deck shoes has rawhide laces and a 360 degree secure custom fit. Made with premium, full grain, salt resistant leather and razor cut soles for excellent slip resistance in the wet or dry. We have many other Orca Bay styles please see link:



6. Six was our favourite! The Polo Dog Collar at an amazing £22.99

(Available in a range of colours and sizes) handmade, 100% leather and hand stitched Argentinian polo dog collars. These collars are made with very high quality and solid metal hardware.These collars are gorgeous on any type of dog!



7. Another favourite of ours (& we’re sure a stocking filler favourite for you!) The Microcotton Socks (Set of 3) at only £12.95
They are tight fitting for a perfect fit under your boots. These socks are very hard wearing. Set of 3 colours. Material: 48% polyamide, 42% cotton, 10% elastane *Machine washable at 30 degrees



8. Super Soft – Anti Sweat Rug (Purple) at £36.99 was our 8th Best Selling item. Not only were you treating yourselves, you were also treating your ponies! This HKM Super Soft, anti-sweat rug has fast moisture absorption. It is highly insulated & has double front chest buckles. Adjustable and removable cross surcingles. Double- sided super soft fleece. Soft Microfibre material, Extra thick material, Extra soft – Easy care, Machine
washable at 30 degrees. Also available in Grey: https://www.muddy-footprints.co.uk/product/super-soft-anti-sweat-rug-grey/


9. Ninth was Rockall I Jacket , Jack Murphy in Navy. Only £89.99
A smart and practical waterproof, windproof and breathable blouson style jacket, the Jack Murphy Rockall I is perfect for protecting against the elements without compromising on style. Finishing touches include accent coloured fleece lining, taped seams, internal zip to enable embroidery access for personalisation, zipped pockets, branded tab to reverse, branded zip puller and raglan sleeves. Also available in Grey: https://www.muddy-footprints.co.uk/product/rockall-i-jacket-jack-murphy-grey/


10. Last but not least, The Clayton Shirt – Mini Gingham – Jack Murphy at £44.99
A smart casual cotton/linen shirt style, the Clayton Shirt is an ideal coordinate all year round. Machine wash at 30C or less; Wash with similar colours; Do not bleach; Do not tumble dry;
Cool iron at maximum temperature of 110C

Caring For Your Four-Legged Friends This Summer

With temperatures like today, most of us are enjoying the sun in the garden! Please don’t forget to take extra care of your four-legged friends during these hot summer months.

Here are our top tips:


Drinking Water – Your horse should always have access to clean drinking water. During hot temperatures their drinking intake will increase, meaning you will need to keep a close eye on their water if you manually top it up. Some horses need encouragement to drink, adding an electrolyte supplement to your horse’s diet will help this. Electrolytes restore any imbalances caused by sweating. However, we do not recommend giving this to your horse on a daily basis.

Bathing – Giving your horse a bath during a hot day allows the body to cool down. Make sure you use plenty of cold water (especially after exercise.) You can do so using a sponge and bucket, or direct from the hosepipe if your horse allows you. Even though it seams like a good idea to keep your horse ‘dripping wet’ it is important to use a sweat scraper to scrape off any excess water. This prevents it trapping heat on the horses body.If cooling your horse down after riding, it is highly recommended that the horse is walked for until it has cooled down, and stopped ‘puffing’ in order to prevent muscle spasms.

Shade – Shade is so important wen the sun is out! Having a field shelter or shaded area with good ventilation protects your horse from the heat and biting insects. If your horse ives out a reliable field shelter is a must! If your horse lives in with some turnout, it may be a good idea to turnout at night and keep them in during the day. Again, make sure that the stable has good ventilation.

Fly Protection – Insects and flies are a big pain this time of year! Not just to our horses, but also to us!
Keeping your horse covered in insect repellent really helps with keeping them flies away. No only a ‘fly spray’ helps to keep the flies away, but also a fly rug. These are lightweight and breathable and great for keeping them flies off.

Suncream – Horses with pink skin are susceptible to sunburn (Especially on the nose). Pink skin requires a high factor sun cream to be applied regularly to prevent redness, blistering, discomfort and peeling.

Exercise – If you’re planning on exercising your horse, try to do so when the weather has cooled. Ideally first thing in the morning or late evening when temperatures are lower.


Paws – Dog paws are very sensitive! With all this hot weather the patio slabs are very hot, even to us! So please remember dogs paws are even more sensitive. Try to walk on the grass when possible.

Walking – Try to walk your dog early in the morning or late at night. These are the cooler parts of the day, and will make the walk more comfortable for both you and your dog.

Car – Cars can be deathtraps for dogs, even with the windows open. A car can go from comfortable to boiling in minutes! Never leave your dog alone in a car. Even a cloudy day or parking in the shade will not reduce the risks. The sun can move quickly and clouds can sometimes magnify the heat.

Grooming – Be prepared! A trip to the groomers (especially for dogs with heavy or long coats) is a good idea. Ask the groomer to give your dog a ‘summer had style’. (Never shave the dog down to the skin as you are taking away your dog’s natural sun protection.)

Drinking – Dogs can only sweat from their paws! They cannot cool down like humans who sweat all over their body. Panting is a cooling method for dogs, but this can leave them extremely dehydrated. Make sure that your dog has access to plenty of clean drinking water.

Cooling – Because dog can’t sweat, sometimes they need helping cooling down. Adding a paddling pool to the garden can help. Some dogs love to get in the pool to cool down. Another alternative is to soak a towel, leaving it wet and cool for your dog to lay on.